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  • Verizon’s ‘Economic Adjustment Charge’ Increases on Business Accounts

    AT&T and T-Mobile are both announcing quarterly subscriber gains to their networks, while Verizon announced a revenue increase with subscriber losses. While Verizon was once known as the premium network, AT&T and T-Mobile have tilted the balance with their network build-outs in the last few years. So how does Verizon report a revenue increase, even […]

  • Enabling 720p video streaming on Verizon Business Unlimited Data plans

    This issue just seems so basic, it doesn’t even seem like a tutorial post should have to be made about it. By default, Verizon throttles video streaming to 480p on all plans. Much like their consumer plans, Verizon advertises that some of their business plans are eligible to enable ‘720p’ video streaming for free. Before […]

  • Getting your Verizon Phone ‘Unlocked’

    Phone locking is the carrier practice of ‘sim locking’ a device to only work on a particular carrier’s network. In 2023, it is common practice for carriers to offer ‘installment’ plans on purchasing phones. During this purchase window, carriers might ‘lock’ the device to only work on their network. While different carriers may have different […]

  • Verizon’s C Block Rules and a little Bit of History

    Verizon has been a juggernaut in the wireless carrier world for several years, this was even further amplified when they launched their nationwide LTE network in 2010. Verizon almost had a monopolistic advantage (especially in rural areas) when they initially launched their LTE network. This was because of Verizon’s aggressive spectrum acquisition tactics to secure […]