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This is a website dedicated to help consumers navigate through a few of the some of the most confusing cellular topics. A little bit of FCC regulation history is inserted along with some of the tips provided.

It’s a free country, can’t the carriers do whatever they want?

Basic economic principles might imply that the carriers are an independent business which could be able to operate how they want – good business brings in customers, bad business drives away customers… right?

That principle is not fully true in regards to telecommunications providers who use a finite resource. Wireless spectrum is finite, and different allotments of this spectrum can allow companies to have unique advantages. The FCC regulates the rules that wireless carriers must follow in order to lease the wireless spectrum that they operate on.

Just because a FCC rule or regulation is in place, doesn’t mean a carrier will necessarily follow it. Wireless carriers may not follow rules for a multitude of reasons (error, greed, miscommunication).

Consumers are not always educated on the rules that wireless carriers are subject to follow. The purpose of this website is to educate consumers and what they can do when a wireless carrier has confusing marketing, confusing features, or when a carrier’s policies are superseded by FCC policies.