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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile QCI practices ranked.

    In the world of cellular data plans, QCI management practices are a crucial factor in determining the quality of service a customer receives. As we’ve previously discussed on the first post in this series, QCI prioritization can greatly impact the user’s experience. Unfortunately, some carriers and their MVNOs are not as balanced in their approach […]

  • QCI Prioritization for Carriers and their MVNOs

    We briefly covered the basics of what unlimited data really means, but now we are going to compare the three primary carriers and their MVNOs QCI data policies. The following information is gathered from a multitude of: personal experience, websites, individual testers, and advertising across the carriers. What is QCI, QoS, and Network Management? Before […]

  • QCI and QoS: What does ‘unlimited’ actually mean on cellular data plans.

    Before we delve into today’s unlimited plans, we have to go back a bit in history to understand today’s plans better. Prior to 2010, a majority of data plans were simply unlimited and added as a feature to calling plans. The prominent cellular data available at this time was 3G and data usage equated to […]